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April 27, 2020
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April 27, 2020

Terra Creta Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L

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In 2006, Terra Creta launched an online traceability system of transparency, first in the sector globally. This allow customers to trace various details on the origin and the quality of each olive oil product we produce. By entering the lot number printed on each bottle or tin into their, the consumer can trace the production details of each product, including full laboratory analysis and satellite images of the exact fields from which their olive oil originated. When a farmer delivers a batch of olives to our mill, he is given a bar code, which is entered into the online system and traces his olives through the production process. The online system traces this oil as it is stored, bottled and shipped all over the world. This and their goal for perfect quality in every drop has led them to multiple gold medals in the Oil Industry

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